Branding on Social Media

Branding on Social Media

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So you’ve got your brand. You’ve got your online presence in whichever social community you have decided upon. Now what?

Social media marketing only works well if brand members of a community integrate into that community and participate in social media activities in complete transparency.

They must participate in complete transparency. Yes, we repeat this because its really important that you are honest about your presence in the community as a good citizen who is not trying to hide the fact that you are representing the brand and marketing it.

Being a good a citizen, means that you don’t hide the facts of representing the brand and, yet, you don’t constantly push the brand to the community at every turn.  You need to find a way to contribute, to build rapport, to find a way to integrate and add to the community. This can be accomplished by perhaps posting status updates, photographs, sharing relevant information in a way that the rest of the community participates in social community.

It’s about making connections and doing it in a way that the social group expects, but as a representative of a brand.  If you do this, then there is a huge opportunity for you–or who ever is the representative of the brand–to use these social media communities (marketing venues) to promote your brand, new products and upcoming events.

In addition it is unparallelled in the the building of strong customer service relationships, there are numerous occasions where a customer complained, sometimes not expecting help or follow up and when it took places the good will generated spread by word of mouth far and wide.  These are fantastic opportunities to promote your brand by the most powerful medium ever – word of mouth.

If you need expert help and advice contact us so we can help position and maintain your online social presence.

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