About Compass Marketing.

Compass Marketing offers web-based digital marketing solutions and conventional marketing collateral materials. Our creative team will diligently work with you to establish or improve your digital marketing presence. That enables you to keep pace and surpass your competition. We want results. Nothing less will do.

We founded our on building long-lasting relationships. And, that continues to be our top priority. This includes both your relationships with your online audience AND our relationship with you. Let Compass Marketing identify your company’s strengths. We will research your competition and better position your business for success!

Who We Are.

Compass Marketing Creative team members deliver a plethora of skill and experience to your business. We offering a broad spectrum of marketing and creative industry skills and experience.

Look to Compass Marketing to collaborate with you on just about any project. We will help simplify the mystifying world of digital media marketing for you. That way you can relax and stay focused on serving your customers.

Our Creative Team skills and experience includes the following:

Marketing Consulting
Web Design
Application Design
Art Direction
Graphic Design
International Film
Video Production

Senior Creative Team includes:


Sr. Web Developer /
Project Manager


Marketing Consultant /
Sr. Web Designer




Graphic Design &
Print Works


Our marketing consultants get to know your business, conduct market research, and deliver recommended solutions to fill your marketing gaps. We offer potential approaches to position your product, service or business in the marketplace in effective ways.


We offer up a winning combination of content and graphics for our online and traditional marketing designs. We approach each project as a custom job that clearly represents the essence of our clients business AND achieves the end results.


When it's time to build your project, we have the latest tools at our disposal, along with the most knowledgeable staff who can easily create your projects in the most effective and secure ways. You can be sure you're getting a lean and functional piece.


Whether it's a website, a print piece or a custom designed application, when it is time to deploy or produce your project, you can be sure our team members will be working in unison to provide you with an end product you will be proud of.

How we work.

1 Each project begins with a full consultation where we gather all information needed to formulate the strategy we will use for your project. We come to an agreement on what project delivery will look like and outline steps to achieving the end goal.

2 We brainstorm and create the product outline for your review and changes. We deliver elements for your review on a regular basis, which involves you in our process. This ensures we are all on the same page and traveling down the same road.

3 We stay in touch with you from start to finish, continuing to collaborate when needed and keep the project direction on track. When a product is nearing completion, we coordinate the punch lists of items that need to be finalized before the project can be deployed.