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Compass Marketing Group Unveils a New Face

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Since 1997, Compass Marketing Group has been helping our clients create an online marketing presence through innovative website design, all the while differentiating them in an overcrowded marketplace. And, our first rule of thumb to clients is to “always keep your web page and content fresh.” Naturally, we felt it was time to introduce a brand new look with some improved content for our existing client base and potential new customers. We wanted do a website redesign to show what Compass Marketing is fully capable of. We are quite proud to introduce the fresh web site redesign for our own company!!

When was the last time you had a serious look at your web site?  Are you taking advantage of the latest advances in web design? Do you utilize a content management system which allows you to keep updating your content regularly to keep your web site fresh? Are you really integrating your new services into your web site and expanding your web presence accordingly? Are you fully using your web site as an effective interactive marketing tool or have you mostly used your webpage as a glorified business card?

We believe it’s important to ask yourself these questions on a regular basis. That is what we did, and because we love all things design, we really had fun answering those questions ourselves and improving our own web site to match our new levels of capability.

Contact us today! Let’s sit down together and thoroughly evaluate your web site, how you are using it, what you might like to see it contribute to your bottom line, and if it would benefit you, Compass Marketing will arrange for a new fresh website redesign for your company. Perhaps its just what you need to take you to back on track or even take you to the next level!!

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