Compass website launch of Learning to be wise

Compass Website Launch: Learning To Be Wise

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Compass Website Launch!

Marketing Creative is proud to announce the Compass website launch of Learning to be Wise–an author web site created for Sally Saffer. Learning to be Wise promotes a series of children’s educational books on Aphorisms.

In the design approach, we created an attractive e-commerce website that incorporates sample of the author’s illustrations. She communicates valuable sales information about her books through her website. And, she is able to sell her award-winning children’s books in E-book format. No longer is her books only available for sale in the Barnes & Noble and Amazon bookstores.

Sally won the Mom’s Choice Awards for her book series, and we wanted to be sure to spotlight that as a primary feature in her website. That award really set her books apart from her “competition” — other children’s stories. We also outlined the benefits of purchasing these great books to parent who would buy them for their kids.

Sally is a also gifted blog writer who never had her own blog before. She now is able to blog and share wisdom she’s been accumulating for years and years.

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