What is a Good Social Media Citizen?

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Your customers are members of the social community that you both frequent and are interacting on.  Your are all social media citizens. In addition those same customers are members of a subset within that social community and they communicate with each other, sharing posts and content. Being a good social media citizen means that you are also sharing interesting posts and content, perhaps discounting some products and building customer rapport through customer service, etc.

One of the most powerful features of social media is this act of sharing. People by nature love to share–both good and bad things.  Hopefully, the members of that community share only the good, interesting, and positive features about you, your brand or your product. Being involved, your acts of sharing is the area in social marketing that you wish to be most engaged with. In transparency and openness, you are then able to limit any bad press, while maximizing the good points in a friendly and helpful manner.

The community will then share the facts of your brand or product by “word of keyboard” and, hopefully, some of those posts will take on a life of their own and go viral. Posts that go viral reach out to unexpected corners of cyberspace. And, it is in these viral posts, the real power of social media can be found.

Don’t you think you should have a strong online social presence?  Becoming involved at a brand level in social media, in a proactive manner, interacting with your customers will ensure that the vast majority of posts about you and your brand are positive and portray you in the best light possible whilst adhering to an open responsive approach.

Feel free to contact us so we can sit down and work out a comprehensive online strategy to care for your needs as a social media citizen.

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