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Increase Search Engine Results With Great Page Titles

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Creating page titles which are SEO friendly takes time to perfect, however, all that effort pays dividends when you get an increase search engine results. And you can increase the click through rate to your site from those search engine results.  When people look at the page title displayed in a search engine request, they first want to be sure the result is what they are looking for and, at the same time, they are deciding what differentiates you from your competition. So you must give them something that really makes them want to click the link to your website.

A good page title makes people want to click on it. Prospects are magically drawn in to click on the link which takes them to your website. Here are a few of the “rules of thumb” we follow when developing a SEO friendly page title to increase search engines results.

Always remember that your page title needs to makes your post or page stand out from the rest so that people will click on your link. That means you have to find a way to make that title grab their attention as it’s surrounded by many other competing search returns. Make it evoke an emotional response to trigger that clicking action by perhaps promising them something of value.

At the same time, you have to keep in mind what the search engines are looking for when they index your web site, or decide where it will rank when search on. So it’s a tricky balance between the two. The search engine wants to see that your content is adequately displayed in your title, so it’s important that while you are making people want to click on your link, you also place your keywords in the beginning of the title. But, you also want to avoid being thrown out of the search engine altogether. They tend to frown on keyword loaded titles, so we recommend putting a descriptive word just before the keyword, which serves two purposes: keeps the search engines from disregarding you altogether when indexing, AND, gets the click from the prospect.

You will also want to craft a good site description, which can give added detail for those people who have found several similar titles, but want to better determine what differentiates you from the other links. So get creative here. Use keywords but also very descriptive words, with what benefits the user will get if they click on you.

Why not let the experienced SEO specialists at Compass Marketing Group help get you started or handle the optimization of your web site altogether. The payoff is worth it when you get the clicks and turn that prospect into a paying customer.

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