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Internet Marketing for Your Website

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In the beginning you wanted a website, once you have one, now what?  You have to do some internet marketing, you have to tell the marketplace about your site and in order to promote or market your website, you have to let people know what your website address, or URL, is.  There are many ways that you might do this. Perhaps you would add it to your business card, brochure, and other collateral materials. The main thing is to get your website address and your business known.

You might decide to get listed with various directories which will market your web site address, consequently your business to the correct marketplace. This is internet marketing.

Then you might chose to optimized your website for search engines, which is known as search engine optimization or (SEO), whereby you make sure that your website can be found in the first two pages on any search engine. That way if you have prospects who are searching for a certain phrase or a keyword, they would find your website.

You could also pay for your website to appear on the first two pages of a search engine using “Paid “Search results and the search engine would make sure they displayed you in the agreed place when certain phrases and keywords are utilized.

Perhaps you might feel inclined to use Banner Ads or Email blasts, all aimed at driving more people to your website and bringing in more business for you.

Now, you have started to move more into the social aspects of internet marketing. Usually starting with a blog, which may or may not be the main landing page for your product. Perhaps it supplements your website.  A blog can be marketed the same as a website if you wish, however blogs have some great characteristics which can be exploited to their full potential in getting more interest in you and your product.  First, they are a lot more personal and topical. You can have a lot more interactive customer involvement via comments and replies on your posts.  These blogs can also use RSS feed (need to define) which your followers can subscribe to which enable people to retrieve your posts when they are notified or at their choosing.

Isn’t it time you added blog capabilities to your website?  Perhaps a redesign or addition to your current site is warranted at this time so you, too, can participate in building better customer relationships and a broader customer-based interaction and customer connection.

Please contact us to let us demonstrate how blogs can create shift your current business strategy.




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