Optimizing Websites for Search Engines

Optimizing Websites for Search Engines

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Optimizing websites for search engines is vitally important if you wish to show up towards the top of the search engines pages. By properly optimizing your website with SEO protocols, you will be picked up by the search engines and ranked as high as possible. Some website designers believe they will improve your search engine rankings by using massive amounts of keywords, or descriptive words in the web site title tags of your page code.  Not only does that make it harder for search engines to read, it shows their lack of understanding both about (1) how people are motivated to click on links and (2) how search engines actually work.

SEO search engine optimization may never been seen, but it is of vital importance if you wish to optimize your website effectively and show up towards the top of the search engines pages. And, it plays an equal if not higher level of importance than content, design, and aesthetics whether that be on the web or in social media. If you aren’t coming up in the search engines first couple of pages, if you’re not close to the top, you miss opportunities to attract prospects to your offering.

Here are the basic guidelines Compass Marketing Group follows in our SEO services. These will give you an idea of the amount of time we devote to SEO search engine optimization and the level of detail we offer. If done right, you will get the results you require to ensure good placement in the search engines. This takes a high level of creativity to marry well written original content with good SEO criteria.

First and foremost, content is king. Your content must be filled with the right words that describe what you actually do. Search engines will evaluate what your page is about by the words you use in your content so they can deliver up the results their users are asking for. Failure to deliver what is asked for, turns many a customer away, therefore their reputation is at stake every time someone uses them for searching.

It’s also important to understand that search engines are searching your page titles and page descriptions to display them in results. Knowing what they are looking for is critical. The page title is one of the few elements that a search engine can show in their results, coupled with a brief description. Therefore, search engines are very particular to display what the user has requested and place great importance on the words in the page title.

Make sure your important keywords appear early in the page title. An experienced SEO person knows that search engines often filter out those titles/websites who abuse keywords by cramming them into the title and leave them out of search results entirely. Therefore, it’s a very good idea to add a descriptive modifier before your keywords. Thus, you are outwitting the search engine altogether.

There are many other rules and guidelines which go into effective SEO. They all need to be understood and effectively integrated to give a well crafted post/page what it needs to gain high rankings in the search engines. We have only just scratched the surface in this short post but it should get you started with the most important things.

It may work to your advantage to allow professionals to sculpt and create beautiful copy which is then blended with proper SEO to ensure your website is prepared to the optimum level. Isn’t it time you got search engine optimization to really work for you? Contact Compass Marketing and let our SEO team evaluate your website for effectiveness.


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