Compass Marketing Group originally designed 1st Action Services web design in 2001. In 2014, the client commissioned us to handle updating his design after we identified several reasons for a redesign need. First, the design was no longer displaying as attractively as possible because monitor sizes had changed so much that that their old site did not take advantage of the ability to display large graphics and balance it with brochure text. Also when the original site was built, the primary marketing focus was on insurance adjusters, but the industry had changed how it did business to a large degree. Our marketing consultant’s experience in the fire & water restoration business enables us to refocus the web site more on the industry changes towards the new target audience–the homeowner.

We pared down information on the old site and streamlined it, reducing the number of pages. We also replaced a lot of the graphics on the website and updated text to reflect more current services. Built on a WordPress platform, the client could now make changes to their own web site.

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