Compass Marketing has been in business since 1997, during which time we have done 100s of website projects. This just describes a smattering of the websites we can created over those years. We have experience in the following businesses and industry sectors:

  • home building
  • construction
  • plumbing
  • musicians
  • estate sales
  • antique stores
  • roofing companies
  • equine massage
  • real estate agents
  • fire smoke water restoration
  • drug eduction
  • catering
  • restaurants
  • pet bakery
  • charities
  • Facebook groups
  • pressure washing
  • organizations
  • professional speakers
  • printers
  • kitchen design companies
  • fundraising
  • authors

These are just a sampling of our experience. We love to get to know all kinds of businesses and would be very interested in getting to know yours! Please feel free to give us a call for a FREE one hour marketing consultation to see if there is any way we can work with you to meet your business goals!

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