When we sent, Ryan, our photographer out to find websites he was interested in redesigning, he found a pool company named Whiten Pools that he felt he could portray in a much better light through his photography. We approached our client with a redesign concept that they were very excited about. And we built in lots of photo shoots to capture as many pool projects as was reasonable to show their quality of work.

We got to know the family well and enjoyed building a website which really showcases just what a wonderful business they are. The before and after websites are no comparison! Our approach was to sell their customers a lifestyle. We centered the entire design around a “dream campaign” for people who would be shopping for their very own pools. We also incorporated a video on the opening page of pool water with a unique navigational set up which floats to the top when pressed. And we gave them LOTS of photos to look at. Our client is very happy with the results!

Launch Project

See it Live!

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