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Another unique newsworthy project has made the project List. 


West GA Equipment & Party Rental

With West GA Equipment & Party Rental, we recognized the opportunity to showcase our expertise in design & website redesign. Tasked with the unique challenge of housing two distinct businesses under one virtual roof, we devised a creative solution  to seamlessly highlight each entity. Opting for a photo gallery layout reminiscent of a shopping cart application, we effectively showcased the diverse range of products available for rent in each business area. To cater to the client’s preference for phone consultations, we strategically placed numerous calls to action buttons throughout the site. Additionally, with a focus on email collection, we seamlessly integrated a feature for capturing customer contact information. Given their U-Haul rental service, we strategically incorporated page ads to promote and drive traffic to their U-Haul rental page. Anticipating the client’s future plans to separate the two businesses, we’ve preemptively outlined a strategy to seamlessly transition into creating two distinct websites.

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