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How to Pick the Right Social Media Platform for You

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It’s very important to place your product, service or  brand in the right social media network.  For example, it’s not going to be effective to market high value services within a community that has absolutely no (or very little) interest in them or if they don’t have the money to spend on them.  So choose your social communities well and do the research necessary to find the places and platforms your customers, clients, and prospects frequent.  Those social networks where your customer hang out is where you will want to start your social marketing presence and campaigns.

Once you find them, “go to the mountain” and get involved.  Each has its eccentricities, its strong and weak points, and the same can be said for the myriad number of apps and communities operating in cyber space at any moment. Find out which of the social communities best match your targeted audience. Learn more about how they use those communities, how frequently they tend to use them, what they use them for. Knowing all this information helps you craft the right messages and know the frequency with which you need to interact with them.

If you don’t have Twitter and Facebook accounts, you should consider getting your business linked in with these two social media giants in order maximize every advantage to grow your business, whether that be a corporate business or a “mom and pop shop” on the corner.

Twitter and Facebook are two of the biggest of the social media platforms. Fast growing and easy to get started on, both platforms are business friendly, and even better, they are FREE! If set up properly, these two platforms can work together to populate your business Facebook page through Twitter posts and vice verse, which will help increase word-of-mouth advertising for your business.

All that’s needed to get started is an email address, which you can also obtain free-of-charge at Google or many other places on the web.  Once you have an email account, an easy sign up gets you started on both Facebook and Twitter.

You need to plan and research your market place well, no point in being in the wrong place at the wrong time if a bit of market research can position you much better.  Compass Marketing are specialists in research and positioning within the correct social community and platform for your specific brand.


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