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How to Find Your Customers on Social Media?

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With so many social media networks to choose from, how do choose? Go look around and find out where your customers are!

Social Media Search Feature

When you look to find your customers on social media, remember that the search feature is a most powerful tool. Absolutely, it is your best friend to identify where your customers are hanging out.

Find conversations that are happening all across the internet. Many people are already talking about your products and services. For example, search Twitter allows you to narrow down the search criteria quite a bit. Break things down into location, and even languages. Search by hash tags, keywords or even specific users. This allows you to find conversations focused on your areas of expertise. Then join users already having those conversations.


Facebook is a little different as it uses something called “graph search.” A humanized search engine allows you to put normal language phrases into the search criteria box. So if I type “Groups of people using Excel,” Facebook returns several different listings of people doing that, both groups and individuals. Join groups or friend people who are interested in subjects that relate to what you do. Then, begin to engage them in conversation. Type in your business name and see if anybody is leaving reviews. See if they are talking good or bad about your company or products. Then use that to your advantage.


LinkedIn is a great way to interact with people who might be using your products or services. Connect with them and make them part of your own personal community. And, LinkedIn uses a really good search interface. Search for keywords, people, jobs or groups. You are not, however, able to email directly just anybody. You must be connected somehow. In that case, join groups they are in to access those who you cannot directly email. Groups are a particularly good way to interact with like-minded people on LinkedIn.

Hashtags and Keywords

Mobile applications like Instagram and Vine rely on their simple search capabilities. Use hash tags and keywords that are relevant to you or your business. Although search options are limited on these social networks, do not discount them in any way. If you or your business is visual-oriented, e.g., associated with photography or videography, Instagram and Vine are going to be hugely relevant to you.

Now, that we’ve covered how to find your customers on social media, our next blog we will talk more specifically about design options for your Social Media Platform choices.

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