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What is Social Media Marketing?

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Whats so attractive about social media marketing? The secret word is “social.” You see, it’s all about connection, community, and networking.

Social media can be anything from Flicker where you have people sharing and tagging each other in photographs to MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or about 200 different applications in between.  The key here being that its a social community. Take for example Facebook, which has probably a billion members. Within that huge number of individuals are smaller groups of people interacting in social communities, as well as subsets of that community.  Now businesses, as well as individuals, can be a part of that community. “Brands” especially lend themselves to well to integration within certain social subsets, such as Coke, Nike, and so on.

So, how can your business or your brand integrate into a social community today? What steps can you start right now to build that connection and appreciation with your customer base.  Are you or your brand the next social buzzword?  Drop us an email and we will help you discover how we can take your company and/or brand, positioning it to the correct level for your customer base.Social media marketing is crucial and, at the end of the day, if you are not maintaining and utilizing your presence in the various communities, you are not promoting and expanding your brand or business to your best advantage.

Updating this article on 6/2/2016: The following is a list of the top social media networks: //

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