The Energy of Design

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It is all in the design. And, not all designs are equal, even though they might look the same. Yes, it is a funny comment, but a truly unique design which captures the essence of a business is hard to find.

Many people copy designs and you’ll read all about imitation being the truest form of flattery, but a good design which captures the essence of a subject is rare and unique. Those artists who can really express—in whatever form they create in—the essence, or the Eros (yes, the love of the subject), are few and far between.

In web design, to portray the whole ethos of a business in a web design is truly an art. Additional, to be able to quickly impart to the reader who, what, why, how and when of this particular business at the same time is marketing. And getting them to actually benefit themselves by staying on this particular website and completing the transaction is sales. For in web design, there is always a transaction an interplay of energy taking place. That is the call to action. Be it a sale or even a “click here” to make contact with the business, all an energy transaction.

Good designers are few and far between in any field of creativity. So, if you come across a designer who you feel understands and relates with your business and with whom you resonate, grab them, pay them and make them a business asset. For they will truly set you on the map, on the road to success. They will make the essence of your business appear magically to your website audience and set a resonance for those you seek to connect to you and match that resonance. It will be your entrance into their world to present whatever you are selling in the best possible light.

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