Viral Marketing: Practical Value Means Information Shared

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Viral Marketing

A lot of people inherently enjoy sharing useful information because they really like to help others. This useful information is what provides “practical value.” Some examples include: the best sun screen to use for summer, the best place to eat a Chicago pizza when you’re far from home, or how to clean a computer. No matter what the subject matter people get something out of sharing useful and beneficial information.

Practical Value

A practical value piece is any type of information that an audience can share instantly and easily, without spending too much effort. Considering this fact, the question then becomes how can you, your brand or product position yourself to take full advantage of that? How can you take something that has practical value and use it to get people to share your ideas and to pass them on.

One way is to highlight incredible value. Show people how to do something in a quick and easy way. Don’t do something to emphasize your product or brand. Help your customers or prospects do something or understand something related to your product or industry. Make it easy for them to understand and help them achieve something easily. Give them a new idea. When they see how valuable the information is, people will pass that information on.

One effective way of doing this is through lists. You see lists everywhere online on numerous websites, e.g., Top 10 Tips to do something. Lists create a curiosity gap; they make people want to learn more. People want to find the most effective way of doing something. If done properly, people learn something interesting in a short amount of time. This brings them great value with little effort expended. They will want to pass it on. And passing along useful information is about helping others; it’s about altruism.

How can you craft your own useful content?
How can you apply these ideas to your product or brand?
How can you show people what knowledge or insight your have?
How can you show your expertise off to people through useful information?

Bringing forth practical value pieces is not about directly selling your product service or idea. That can backfire so don’t tie your product name with the piece you create. But to craft something your audience wants to share that shows your expertise. Therefore, think about what you have expertise in.

The more practical and helpful your information is, the more likely people will be to share it and pass it on.

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