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What is Social Currency?

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So what is social currency?

That “special something” subject you want people choosing to talk about over another subject. It’s the basis for any viral campaign!

Research indicates that one of the psychological drivers which cause people to share is social currency. Social currency is what makes people talk more about one subject over another. And everyone in Viral Marketing knows, that “special something” that YOU want people to choose to talk about– rather than some other subject–is the basis for any viral campaign.

Social Currency

The better something makes you look, the more likely you are to share it.  Having access to information that nobody else knows, makes you look smarter and more “in the know,” it gives you Social Currency.

So, just like the clothes we wear, the car we drive and the way our hair is cut, the things we say affect how other people see us.  One way to get people to talk about or share your stuff is to make them look good in the process, because the better you can make them look, the more they want to share that information to get that desired self image. Give them Social Currency and it is more likely to happen.

One way to get Social Currency is to make people feel like an “insider.”  When plotting your viral campaign, the answers to following questions will help push your product or service into the forefront of peoples minds:

  • How can you make people feel like “insiders?”
  • How can you give them information to make them look smart and in the know?
  • How can you make them feel like they have exclusive content?
  • How can you make them feel like they have scarce information?

The more you can make people feel like “insiders,” the more likely they will be to pass your information on. That is because people inherently want others to think they are special and more connected to exciting and interesting information.

Another way is to make your product Remarkable. The word “Inner-Remarkability” essentially means things which are worthy of remark. You can make any product or service worthy of being spoken about. Sometimes it takes a bit of thought and sometimes it is obvious.

Questions which may help identify your service products “Inner-Remarkability” are as follows:

  • What is it that makes your product or service surprising and interesting?
  • What is a fact or detail that people might not know about your product or service?
  • How can you show others why you do what you do or why your product does what it does? (Providing a visual image can be extremely powerful.)
  • How can you highlight or show your product in an amazing way to get people to talk about it and to pass that information on?

Find something that makes your product or service stand out and gives others Social Currency to talk about it. Compass Marketing’s team expertise will help identify that special something, which will make your product or service shine.

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