What is Twitter?

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Twitter is one of the best known social media platforms in the world. So what is Twitter and what does it do? When it’s time to really start marketing your business or your brand, you will find that most of your customers and prospects can be found on these two social media sites.

So what is the difference between Twitter and Facebook?  Twitter is a micro blog.  You most likely know what a  blog is particularly if you have been following our previous posts. A blog is a website format where you can post a story of any length. A micro blog is a “baby blog” and Twitter is just that: a text-based blog, which is limited to 140 characters lengths. A Twitter post (or “Tweet”) can include links to pictures, web pages and other web content.  It’s quite simple. You say what you need to say in the space provided and “Tweet” out your message to your “Followers.”

You do not need to be signed up to Twitter or have a Twitter account in order to go read tweets. You can use visit //www.twitter.com/nameofthetwitteraccount and this will take you directly to any twitter account that you know the name of so you can go read all their “tweets” or content. But, in order to automatically receive/read Tweets from those you follow on Twitter, or build a following, you must first open a Twitter account. Once you start following people or groups which interest you, you will immediately begin to receive their tweets to your computer and/or mobile device.

Being unfamiliar with these platforms can be a bit daunting and, although its free, many people feel intimidated by the social media phenomenon. Why don’t you let the experts at Compass Marketing get it set up right for you? We can also show you how to really use the technology to develop followers and how that translates into customers.  Drop us quick e-mail and let us fulfill your desire to successfully get involved in social media.

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